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Chronic Empowerment Membership

The Chronic Empowerment Membership has been created to help 25 to 45 year olds who are living with a chronic illness and desire to respect their journey, while remembering their purpose, in order to accomplish their goals, find their power again and show their illness who’s boss.

Community is not always our family or in our immediate surroundings, but a virtual family that will hold a safe space for you to overcome difficult moments in life. Community helps to alleviate daily sufferings and provide support to find solutions.

The Chronic Empowerment Membership will provide you with:

  1. A monthly topic on which you will receive 4 emails to address that topic and your struggles with it.
  2. Advocating tip or practice of the month to use with your doctors, family, friends, partner and or children.
  3. At least one monthly virtual gathering. There may be more depending on the topic.
  4. Question and answer portion of the meetings. You can submit questions to me and I can anonymously bring them to the group.
  5. Resources which will include worksheets, recipes, meditations and suggestions on podcasts, apps, courses or books. All based on the topic of the month.
  6. Monthly giveaway for a member which may include gifting a suggested resource away.
  7. Activity ideas for spoonies (those with Chronic illnesses).
  8. Facilitation of this membership to help you and everyone be empowered to do bigger, better things in life.
  9. And more

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