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I’m SO ready to commit to the next best version of myself by Breaking Negative Thought Patterns. Make me a Power Player now!

Breaking Negative Thought Patterns is a self-paced training that zeros in on your negative thinking and helps you to interrupt your negative self talk to assist you in committing to the next best version of your self. The “good vibes only” mantra can truly be attainable if you commit to the process.

You will receive video trainings  which cover:

  • Identifying Triggers
  • Clean the Slate
  • New Behaviors
  • New Lifestyle

You will discover:

  1. How to uncover your trigger points
  2. How to break patterns
  3. The ability to build upon a clean slate
  4. How to develop positive self talk
  5. How to learn to focus on what matters

Valued at $400.

You will also receive:

  • Worksheets to work through the content – Value of $150
  • An additional resource for each week – Priceless

* Bonuses include THREE exercises to assist with your new journey! These exercises are usually given to one on one coaching clients, but you’re receiving them for free. – Value of $450.

The value of this course is over $1,000.

The investment I’m asking you to make in yourself is a total of $235.

If you take advantage of the early bird price before July 17th, 2019, you’ll receive the 20% discount and your investment will be $188