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Resiliency Taught Me

7 Philosophies to bounce back stronger, every time – By Salintae Tuzo-Smith

Does life keeps knocking you down? Do you find it harder to get back as life goes on? Have you ever wanted to create your own standards?

Resiliency Taught Me is a book for those that keep getting back up. It’s for those that refuse to quit regardless of how hard things get.

Salintae, diagnosed with a chronic illness as a baby, has overcome her lifelong illness, leg discrepancy and other typical l trials in life. All those that cross paths with her wonder how she continues to have a smile on her face despite her circumstances. She’s identified as positive, powerful and inspiring.

Resiliency Taught Me includes 7 practical philosophies to get back up stronger by giving yourself grace, respecting your journey and how to source your power.

If you’re going to get back up and do life, get back up stronger! Reclaim your power with Resiliency Taught Me.

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